Monday, 7 September 2015

Hi all.
We had a Baymath test thing at school. The school is still determining what groups we will be in but I think they won't change my group quite yet. (We did come second this year in Waimath!) Also our driveway is getting concreted so we can't park in the garage for at least another week! We have to park on the road and walk up there to go out. (And our driveway is really long.)

Hi all.
Back at school after my computer crashed and froze after I initialized "Really long" Yesterday. Lucky me the computer managed to auto save. I can't remember what I was writing last night either... But I do know that I found something that I wanted to write about... but I just can't remember. (And i'm not a noob and I can see the writing I started last night.) I think I will avoid using the computer at home for now. All for now!

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