Tuesday, 17 November 2015

Hi all.
This will probably be the shortest post ever but I have to post my "Powtoon" on here. Enjoy!

All for now!

Monday, 9 November 2015

Hi all.
I finally got the Minecraft links working, and even better, I have the pageviews updating every second! I tried for 0.25 so it would update 4 times a second, but it was to laggy. 29 Billion though! That's a lot of pageviews. Also don't forget about the amazing skeleton at the bottom of the page either. All for now, short post sorry.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Hi all.
I haven't posted for ages and I probably wouldn't have if I didn't lose my lunchbreak today. I don't really view this as a punishment as I can't sign in at home. So this and when we get laptops in class is really the only time I can do my work. I have to do a post from the expedition we did last term so I think I will just post my report I did for it and if Mrs Hogg says it's not enough I'll go into the boring details of my group standing next to our fridge. Long story. (Actually it's not but anyways...)

My amazing report on Fonterra
Imagine losing your job, and the money that sustains your family. Your food and water. Your tv. Even your house! This and much more happened to 523 staff at Fonterra during the fall of milk prices. Fonterra had fired many workers to save money that they would normally be spending on worker wages. This totals more than 60 million dollars a year. But think about this, was it worth it? What Fonterra did to over 500 families? And did they even look at other options?

The Problem
Fonterra is a New Zealand based company that supplies milk and dairy products to supermarkets and other businesses. Recently, the prices for these products have dropped miserably, and Fonterra risks going bankrupt for not getting enough profit from their products. Let's say Fonterra has to pay 2000 dollars a month for the workers wages, gst, tax, and all the other nonsense the company goes through. Now let's say Fonterra earns 2500 for their products each month. After a year, Fonterra will have made a profit of 6000 dollars. This year however, Fonterra is only earning 1800 dollars for their products. This means Fonterra loses 200 dollars each month, and that’s where we are now. In order to make profit, Fonterra has to cut back on costs. The easiest way to do this is to fire off some staff. So let's say after firing some staff, Fonterra pays only 1500 dollars on worker wages, therefore having a profit of 300 dollars a month and NOT going bankrupt. This is exactly what the real Fonterra is doing. But with bigger numbers like instead of losing 200 dollars a month, they were in danger of losing millions! If this is to complicated to understand, It’s basically saying Fonterra is spending more than they have, so they have to spend less. Like on worker wages.

The Protests
The problem with milk prices affect Fonterra even after the firing of staff. Fonterra goes on protest in the local supermarkets, usually accompanied with their fellow cows. They fill lots of shopping trolleys up to the brim with the milk they supply then attempt to buy the lot. The idea is that since supermarket prices have not changed, but the price that Fonterra gets for the milk has definitely changed a lot. This is the main reason milk prices has dropped, so in theory, If Fonterra buys the milk they sold, then added it to the rest they are selling to the supermarkets, they get twice as much money because of extra milk. Even though they are buying it again. This means that supermarkets have to heighten their prices and Fonterra will have no more milk and dairy price problems. Of course this is a gradual change so Fonterra still had to make quick money. So the workers that Fonterra fired may get their jobs back within the next few years. But by then they will probably have new jobs. And security usually stop Fonterra workers from taking all the milk to re-sell. But who wouldn’t want to lose money through buying your own milk back?

A Possible Future

A business is a hard thing to run and avoid going bankrupt. More than 4000 companies in the world were forced into liquidation over the past three months, an increase of 0.5 per cent. While it may not seem like much, at this rate an extra 80 companies will go bankrupt each year. This Along with the 4000 others, and still the stats increase. Fonterra is on the verge of near bankruptcy and becoming one of 4080 is not a fun future. While 523 staff is a lot, losing over 2000 and Fonterra itself will damage supermarkets and the entire of NZ economy. Resulting in the NZ dollar going down, and meaning that tax can rise along with gst and pretty soon, what you earn each week could drop from 680 dollars down to a measly 473. That's 207 dollars you just lost. And it’s very possible for any big companies in New Zealand that supply to other parts of the world. So what do you think? Was what Fonterra did appropriate for the situation? Or was there something else they could do? And was what they did at local supermarkets good? Or bad? Thank you for your time. 

All for now! Except that my dad ordered a monopoly set with "The walking dead" as the theme. Can't wait to play it!

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Hi all.
Been a month since I last did a post, but I'm blaming that on the holidays. My birthday was in the holidays too so now I'm 13 and my mum now supposedly has more reasons to tell me off. Also I got Skyrim back after 3 years. (I told my mum I was about to kill a queen for the dark brotherhood.) My dad got me a pocket knife with my initials engraved on one side along with 2015. And on the other side it has my Minecraft username "Redstone Rampage." My mum also found some of the miniature Minecraft lego that stopped selling almost straight after it was released. Dunno why either, it's really cool. And as tradition of my family birthdays, I got a t-shirt. AMAZING.
Okay, I liked the t-shirt this year. I would probably be wearing it now if I didn't have to wear a uniform. Mrs Hogg asked us through her blog what we could do to make our blogs more exiting. I said we could do a secret santa post, where we could all do an anonymous post to one of our classmates depending who we pull out of a hat. But more of a secret Halloween dog post or something. All for now!

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Hi all.
For some reason, the words in the Minecraft gadget are disappearing or becoming to big to read. The gadget itself is fine, but I have disabled it for now. Also trying to do my report at school today. It's the one about Fonterra. Really boring so I'll save you the misery of hearing it. Also I have a video that I will be putting in the list of links. It's called an honest trailer, by "SMOSH Games." Enjoy!

Just so you know, This is a completely STUPID trailer for Minecraft Not actually that serious. There is also one for frozen and almost every game or movie you can think of! All for now! I'm also having overlap problems at the bottom of the page with the dancing skeletons and the interactive world map. Any help appreciated.

Monday, 14 September 2015

Hi all.
I did not end up doing the gadget fix up, but I have my reasons. For instance, I got sick on thursday and didn't get better until sunday. I will get to it when I can though. We did a writing test at school today and god it was boring. Write about something that has changed the world! Or something. We had to do it on the expedition at school and my group is doing it on Fonterra. We have to do lots of writing about it during class. All the writing tests are about memoirs or persuasive or informative. Never about fictional story writing. In one of the posts awhile ago I wrote about Tom and Lilly. I made the story last year when we had to do a sort of parody of a fairy tale. It was so much fun that I went way over the word limit. It was based on Hazel and Gretel. The voices in the forrest and the people they saw in the forrest? That was them. It was supposed to be an overlap of the story. All for now!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Hi all.
The little gadget with Minecraft stuff? Well you may have noticed it's kinda big and only got one thing thats not a song. I'm getting there and hopefully before the day is out, I'll have animations like porky the pig and villager tv and also links to channels that house the actual video Like "BlueMonkey" and "Element Animations." Also if anyone has any suggestions for it, leave it in the comments and I'll try to add it to the list. Or just comment. Also our driveway is fully concerted and is hard enough to walk on. But did you know it takes a whole month until you can bike and drive on it safely? I didn't until yesterday. Also my parents must think we have a lot of money today because I heard them talking about getting a pool when the concert can have trucks going over it. Also I should have another new gadget soon too! Many thanks to Aryan for the URL for flappy bird. You may find the flappy bird game easier than you think. All for now!

Monday, 7 September 2015

Hi all.
We had a Baymath test thing at school. The school is still determining what groups we will be in but I think they won't change my group quite yet. (We did come second this year in Waimath!) Also our driveway is getting concreted so we can't park in the garage for at least another week! We have to park on the road and walk up there to go out. (And our driveway is really long.)

Hi all.
Back at school after my computer crashed and froze after I initialized "Really long" Yesterday. Lucky me the computer managed to auto save. I can't remember what I was writing last night either... But I do know that I found something that I wanted to write about... but I just can't remember. (And i'm not a noob and I can see the writing I started last night.) I think I will avoid using the computer at home for now. All for now!

Thursday, 3 September 2015

Hi all. I just realised most of you haven't even seen my science fair product. So now I present to you a picture of my final outcome! Not that amazing, but it's better than what it was before. (A box)
I would also like to say that I am making a youtube bar with lots of Minecraft animations and stuff. Namely things like Honest trailers and songs like Screw the Nether. I will not be adding an eggs glide to Minecraft because of copyright issues not letting me embed it. In fact, the post with it embedded in it will probably not work either. Must check that soon. Also the label that states Student Blogging Challenge, I am aware it says School instead of Student. Also my last post linked up with the last and they were Defiantly posted on different days. All for now!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Hi all.
I finally got the tags working on my blog... last in the class though. A while ago I did a massive post about a story I made once, It has the tag "writing" on it if you want to see it. Anyways, it didn't have the ending. So now, I will reveal it.

He sat down next to Lilly and whispered into her ear. ”Trees can and will kill us, but that’s no reason to give up.” Lilly looked up and forced a smile but it didn't last. Through their misery, they heard voices. Gradually, they got quieter until it finally stopped. But the pair didn't care. They were lost, hungry, cold and alone. When the moon came up, Lilly managed to fall asleep but Tom couldn't even close his eyes. Many people will know that the stars come up with the moon. And you may even know about the constellations up there. And one of them is the northern star. If Tom had fallen asleep, he wouldn't have looked up. And what happened next may not have happened. If he didn't look at the stars every night, he wouldn't have recognised the northbound angel. He wouldn't have woken up Lilly and told her to follow him north. For something in his head told him he would find his true home there. They walked all night and feasted on what little berries they could find and heaved on. Soon they found the trees were thinning and berry bushes were becoming more common. And when the stars were beginning to fade, and the sun started to rise, they arrived at an enormous lake, full of beautiful white swans. One of the biggest swans stood up and came towards the pair. It seemed to beckon to them. Tom and Lilly hopped onto the swan as if it was the most ordinary thing in the world and then swan suddenly took to the sky. Tom whooped and Lilly shrieked in delight. With there new friend, they flew towards the rising sun. Why they didn’t go home or find the family they thought could help, I cannot say. But for the first time in forever, they were happy.

Any good? All for now!