Monday, 14 September 2015

Hi all.
I did not end up doing the gadget fix up, but I have my reasons. For instance, I got sick on thursday and didn't get better until sunday. I will get to it when I can though. We did a writing test at school today and god it was boring. Write about something that has changed the world! Or something. We had to do it on the expedition at school and my group is doing it on Fonterra. We have to do lots of writing about it during class. All the writing tests are about memoirs or persuasive or informative. Never about fictional story writing. In one of the posts awhile ago I wrote about Tom and Lilly. I made the story last year when we had to do a sort of parody of a fairy tale. It was so much fun that I went way over the word limit. It was based on Hazel and Gretel. The voices in the forrest and the people they saw in the forrest? That was them. It was supposed to be an overlap of the story. All for now!

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