Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Hi all.
I finally got the tags working on my blog... last in the class though. A while ago I did a massive post about a story I made once, It has the tag "writing" on it if you want to see it. Anyways, it didn't have the ending. So now, I will reveal it.

He sat down next to Lilly and whispered into her ear. ”Trees can and will kill us, but that’s no reason to give up.” Lilly looked up and forced a smile but it didn't last. Through their misery, they heard voices. Gradually, they got quieter until it finally stopped. But the pair didn't care. They were lost, hungry, cold and alone. When the moon came up, Lilly managed to fall asleep but Tom couldn't even close his eyes. Many people will know that the stars come up with the moon. And you may even know about the constellations up there. And one of them is the northern star. If Tom had fallen asleep, he wouldn't have looked up. And what happened next may not have happened. If he didn't look at the stars every night, he wouldn't have recognised the northbound angel. He wouldn't have woken up Lilly and told her to follow him north. For something in his head told him he would find his true home there. They walked all night and feasted on what little berries they could find and heaved on. Soon they found the trees were thinning and berry bushes were becoming more common. And when the stars were beginning to fade, and the sun started to rise, they arrived at an enormous lake, full of beautiful white swans. One of the biggest swans stood up and came towards the pair. It seemed to beckon to them. Tom and Lilly hopped onto the swan as if it was the most ordinary thing in the world and then swan suddenly took to the sky. Tom whooped and Lilly shrieked in delight. With there new friend, they flew towards the rising sun. Why they didn’t go home or find the family they thought could help, I cannot say. But for the first time in forever, they were happy.

Any good? All for now!

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