Monday, 24 August 2015

Hi all.
Today is the day to see if my science fair board wins something. The prizes range from $1000 for first and $600 for second. Along with $150 for best in group, (I'm in living world) And $20 for various other prizes. I also got in the newspaper and got interviewed. My science fair was about feeding MEALWORMS different foods to make them grow faster than if they were just eating bran. The newspaper stated my LIZARD grew twice the size and that is almost IMPOSSIBLE in only 1 month. And if I was feeding my lizard bran like the newspaper said, he would be DEAD. Also my dad was talking to a farmer some time ago about his barn that burnt down with 100 pigs inside. Later that week the SAME newspaper stated it was 400 pigs. Never believe what you read in the newspaper if you think it's even a little bit off. Or in other words, Screw the News. All for now!

Wait I lied... Today our class had to do a comment on at LEAST 6 other class blogs. I still haven't had a post for 5 months. Or 153 days. Just wanted to put that out in the open, how my classmates will go for there good friends first. 29 other people in my class and 2 away. 27*6 is 135+27 is 162. 162 comments and not one found my blog. If they were shared out evenly around all 29 blogs, (You can't comment on your own blog!) I should get at least 6 comments! Now people will read this and probably comment out of guilt but thats just as bad as not commenting at all. SO PLEASE DO NOT COMMENT ON THIS POST! And Think how many comments others must have got, some with
2 or 3 and others with over 10! Ok, I'm finished grumping. All for now! Sorry about that.

Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Hi all.
Remember what I said about Waimath? Well there's also Baymath which is pretty much the same thing somewhere else and odds are i'm in that too. I was in it last year and won third in the individual test. So technicaly I was the third smartest year 7 in New Zealand for 2014. And unlike Waimath, I got an actual MEDAL. Baymath has the cooler prises. Instead of cauculaters and 1cm badges you can win big trophies and medals. And BIG chocolate bars. The school social is tonight so after we can actually do PE during PE. Not dance.  Also I added a realy cool world map along with the skeleton down below. Trying to get the hacked flappy bird off Aryan's blog. All for now!

Tuesday, 18 August 2015

Hi all.
Apparently, my teacher thinks my blog needs more posts more regularly. AND they have to be about school work. Well I went to a big contest called Waimath not that long ago and came back with second place. It's a math competition. Your school enters three students to compete in a timed math competition with heaps of questions. Though it is boring to watch, it is a lot more fun to do. We came second to Fairfield and we each won a calculator that we already had, ( Jiarn and Aryan got them last year. I just had bad luck.) And we won a badge declaring our defeat by 2 points. All for now!