Thursday, 28 May 2015

Hi all.
In the last post I said I was writing a sort of poem. It's called a Ballad and it's pretty much just a poem that rhymes. "But don't all poems rhyme?" You say? Exactly my point. This is mine.

Screams and shouts echo across the breeze,
But gun fire yells above the wails.
Boats pull ashore with more of deaths tools,
And ammunition in cans and pails.
Change happens when trade boats came,
Leaving death and long red trails.
Some tribes rise and others fall,
Land boundaries separate them all.
More boats come with the british,
Who set out in new Zealand waters.
To kill whales is a serious deed,
But many survive the waters.
Missionaries came to spread the word,
Of god and god alike.
But one would not go for 15 years,
In which maori first saw the light.

Hopefully it's not to bad. And water and water totally rhymes. I tested the mealworms last night. Out of 100 mealworms, only one caught the brick. He later made the headlines by terrorising Tokyo. Ok I didn't. But it would have been cool. All for now!

Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Hi all. Found a super cute picture of baby blue tongue lizards. When I got Rye the lady there said that blue tongue males wouldn't get along with other lizards unless introduced while young. I got Rye when he was about 2 years of age. Most lizards live to about 20. he is about 4 now. Or will be in 4ish months. His birthday is about late September to early October. Mine is the 5th of October.

I'm entering in a science fair and for it I will be feeding different super foods to different groups of mealworms then comparing the mealworms to each other by testing there physical abilities. they still probably will be quite slow. My dad told me to find out if they could catch a brick. I looked on the internet and it did not say anything about a 3cm worm catching a brick. He also asked if I test how far they swim. Sorry dad, but they can’t swim. I have added a link to the list on the right side of the blog. Where it says more links. You may also see a new red button at the top of the gadget list. And don't forget the skeletons at the bottom! The links are the last gadget on the side of the blog. At school we are learning about WW1 and the NZ wars too. NZ has a treaty and it was signed by all the maori kings. Now we get to write poems about it. No, sorry. "Ballads." Bell just went for morning tea. All for now!

Sunday, 17 May 2015

Hi all.
Last week, (Yes, LAST week.) I had to write about animals. And I have finally managed to upload 2 pictures of my pet lizard Rye! He is a blue tongue lizard and is about 40cm long. He lives in my room and has a diet of mainly crickets, meal worms, and little red pellets which say they are good for him. (They're for bearded dragon lizards though.) Some lizards drop there tail in distress but Rye has had someone step on his tail before and he has defiantly still got it. Here are some pictures. (The second one got my flash in the reflection in the glass so it looks like he is eating light.)

Rye looking at me probably wondering what I am doing. (He has water under his chin.)
Rye eating light. :)
He sleeps in the box which is ironically behind him in both pictures. I painted it block and my little sister Sammie stuck the sticker on it. She sticks stickers everywhere. You probably can't see but the first picture has brown gravel and the other one has sandy gravel. The second one is the newer one. I named him Rye because when I got him my mum told me I should name him after a character from one of my books. So I picked Rye from the three doors trilogy by Emily Rodda. I just remembered that name off the top of my head so it must be a good book. :)

All for now! My computer is working at home so I'm finally using it. Usually I can't sign in. Now I get to do the rest of my homework. Also if anyone knows how to do a good smiley face on the keyboard let me know please because :) is boring.

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

This is going to be a long post so sit back and try to enjoy all the other stuff that matters in this world.

Hi all.
Haven't posted for so long that episode 15 came out for that Mine craft movie in the last post. Will put that in at the end of this post. I have also added a blogroll sort of gadget above the S.B.C badge as part of the S.B.C. Still adding to it. Coin-box hero is a good addictive game though. For week 8 of S.B.C we have to make up a sort of travel plan so I've chosen America, New York. First I have to list what I will take.
1. Clothes x5
2. My Ipod stuff
3. A flashlight
4. Some money (Lots)
5. Passport (Duh)
Usually my mum would help me pack so I'm not to sure what I have to pack. I've also found that right now 1 NZ dollar is 75 US cents in New York. So if I took 8000 NZ dollars to America, I would have 6000 US dollars to spend on whatever I want. I would have to by 5 of those t-shirts that say "My friend went on holiday and all he got me was a lousy t-shirt." One for each member of my family. LOL.  I have chosen Casablanca Hotel Times Square for my stay because it has free wifi (Yay!) and a 5 star rating. I will say now that I won't actually be going to New York. I would like to though. 7 nights will cost 2550 US dollars so that brings me down to $3450 to spend on food. There is a free breakfast buffet in the hotel, and for lunch and diner there is a restaurant called Tony's DiNapoli adjacent to the hotel which has spagetti and meatballs for $14 so I can have that for diner each night ($98) because I like spagetti and for lunch, the us subway shops have a deal where you get a subway sandwich, a cookie (Yay!) a lemonade and a packet of hot chips for only 6 US dollars! That's another 42$ so after that I will have $3316. Wait! The flight! The plane! Crud! The Auckland airport is closer to my home and I will have to convert my money to NZ to find out how much I have left after flight plans. Google says that 3316 US dollars is 4427.53 NZ dollars. And the amount of money it costs to fly to New York is $4300. (That IS a return flight though). Probably not the cheapest option but it is well in the budget. I now have 127.53 NZ dollars and in US I have 95.6475 dollars. But to make it easy, we're going to have just 95 US dollars. Last but not least, 5 t-shirts are 50 US dollars. So I now have 45 US dollars to spend on whatever I want in NY. Last but not least I have episode 15 of Jason and steve's Mine craft adventure thing!

PS: Do not watch this if you have not seen the one in the last post.
All for now!