Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Hi all.
Internet's still standing up even though it should be down. This is a little poem that is a tad gruesome but you probably see it everyday if you have a bird feeder.

The mealworm is a tasty worm,
For every bird, It's head will turn.
They peck it till it's good as dead,
And pulp it up, And smash it's head,
Then feed their chicks and go to bed.
For it's a tasty worm.

I also have other gruesome things in my book for science fair like mealworm cookie recipes from the internet. Though i'm not allowed to put the recipe in. All for now! School holidays for me next week too!

Monday, 22 June 2015

Hi all.
Today we have a heap to do. Student led conference, science fair, and write a school memo. I want to know if my science fair intro is any good. My aim is to find out what superfood makes mealworms grow faster as they are around 26% protein. So 100 g of mealworms has more protein than 100g of beef, chicken, lamb, pork or fish! As you can see from my research below.

  • Beef:  18.4% protein
  • Lamb:  15.4% protein
  • Pork:  14.6% protein
  • Chicken:  22% protein
  • Fish:  18.3% protein
  • Mealworm:  26% protein
On the side of the blog there is a gadget with links. There is a mealworm care page. For my science fair I am using a different page but it will explain mealworms well enough. Did you know, Red scale insects are used as a natural food coloring in yogurt and smarties? I kid you not! Also 2/3 of the world suffered from protein deficiency in 1970. If we could breed mealworms faster in large amounts, it could help lots of people. Mealworms are usually a pes in kitchen cupboards and they breed fast and can eat through flour bags too! When they turn into a beetle they can lay around
250-1000 eggs in one go! The average is 400-500 eggs and they lay them in food usually, like flour.
All for now! Now go and eat some smarties! 

Thursday, 18 June 2015

Hi all.
The schools internet will be cut soon for a couple of weeks. The connections are already starting to cut. I've heard rumours that some of the rooms around 19 or so have NO power. If anything it's probably just the internet. Either way, my homework is to do posts about school WORK, not the school internet problems. First block we had a gymnastics test, Failed by the way. Second block I had a math test. Last block a science one. And next block there's a team hui. Boring, really. All for now, sorry for having so small posts lately.