Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Hi all.
Focus prep today. It was boring but I survived. Last block was probably the most exiting as we made cupcakes in the food tech room. Usually my group's cupcakes look like purple radioactive muffins or mini crumble cakes. This time they looked like scones. The whole name of our cupcakes is 'Healthy' beetroot cupcakes with blueberry icing. We made some changes to the recipe though. Like we didn't use 4 cups of flour. After school me and my family went to my little sister, Sammie's Preschool with fish and chips for her picnic. After Alyssa gave away all our plastic cups to the other kids, we all sat down to eat our fish and chips and drink our lemonade with the last cup that remained. Sometimes Alyssa can be a bit of a pain. My mum wants to use the computer so I'll finish up. Not that there's much to say. I had way to many chips and now my tummy hurts. By the way I got mixed up with the chicken thing. It's on chanel 2 on sky, and it's on sunday. I'll find out what time tomorow. All for now.

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