Monday, 2 March 2015

Hi all.
Well I was wrong about not posting for a while. I'm at school right now and I still have the bad laptop. My class should be doing math but half the class is blogging and the other half is reading. My friend Devon is sitting next to me. He is reading over my shoulder right now. Ok he stopped. Last year when we went to the library during school time the whole class would get a book and read. This year we learn about how to find a book in the library and that sort of stuff before we can read. Most people are ok with it but I get annoyed. We have a focus ( An assembly) coming up and Aranui, a group of four classrooms including mine are playing a part in it. All we have to do is do a small play in groups of 10. It should be fun but most of my group, including me, is always off task. As it might help, this is the link to my teacher's blog. Hope I helped. Also watch the news tonight. If you see a chicken in a jacket, blame the pigs. All for now.

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