Sunday, 1 March 2015

Hi all.
Well by the emptiness of my blog you probably guessed this is my first post. I have my reasons...
My teacher is Mrs Hogg. And she says I should write about myself. Well I like Minecraft and Math. I don't like the laptop I am using because there is a very annoying fuzzy line on the right side. I go to Berkley Normal Middle School and learn there. I live in New Zealand, and I have a pet lizard called Rye. My favourite book is Atherton and in the weekends I go to a caravan at Papamoa beach. Personally, I hate the beach. And caravans with no wheels and a tent sticking out the side. I have 3 sisters who are all younger than me and are mostly annoying. I like writing about fantasy and not about memoirs. I like working behind the scenes. like the people who work in a box and keep the music and lights and whatnot working. I despite art and preforming. And I hate fruits and nuts. I like hotdogs and candy. (Most people like candy though.) I play clash of clans and as I mentioned before, I am a huge Minecraft fan. My dream job is a computer programer. You know, sitting in a room all day making computer games. Also when I can log in at home I will post a picture of Rye. The lunch bell just went. All for now. (Probably for a while.)

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