Sunday, 22 March 2015

Hi all.
Not much happening lately. Most of the other class blogs have their (your gender here) of the future poem on there blog. This is mine.

I am a child
I am all the things of the past
I am my mothers eyes of a deep blue sea
I am the gamer of my father,
Clash of Clans and Minecraft all night.
I am all I can see,
Numbers on gridded paper
Goblins and barbarians going to war
Zombies and spiders in a blocky world
I am all I can hear,
Cold water flowing into a cup
The musical sound of trees in the wind
The small beep when the computer stops
And all I can feel and taste,
The smoky taste of kawai for dinner
The cold sea around my waist
The painful feeling of sunburn at the beach
The taste of pizza in my mouth
I am all I have been taught,
“If rice is moving, it’s not rice”
I am all I think,
Sony and Ipod
I am all of these things,
I’m like a solar panel,
And these things my dark night.
But one day the sun will shine,
And i will be alive again
I'm a man of the future.

Also has anyone played dragon quest 9 on the DS? Please comment if you have. I can't find anyone who has. Also the skeleton link in the last post is not working right now. All for now.


  1. Cool! I play clash and minecraft to. What are your favourite parts in those games?

  2. I thought your blog was good in the sense of being detailed about your life but i thought it could have been more clear example "I am like a solar panel" I thought that line was more poetic than descriptive , but other than the few lines that were unclear I thought it was very good. I also play c.o.c me and my friends have a clan called "Canadian eh" what's your clan called if you are in one?