Wednesday, 18 March 2015

Hi all.
Today I will post some limerick as my teacher has asked me. And my class. This one was inspired by me being bored because I didn't know where to start. so I wrote about my pen. Though my pen hasn't done most of what it says...

There once was a pen with legs
who ate everyones pegs
with a flick of a toe
he would eat one whole
until he tried scrambled eggs!

This one is out of an anual book called the Dandy. I think my friend Devon thinks I thought of it so I've kept my mouth shut.

There once was a Turkey named Stan
who went backwards whenever he ran
he emerged from a bush
presenting his tush
and got shot in the butt by a man!

Also please leave a comment if you know a good name for the amazing skeleton. He needs A good name. Haven't wrote much about my actual day lately. Probably for the best. Who really wants to know? Also if you haven't please read the last post. Took me ages to copy it from my old writing book so all comments appreciated. But not ones that start with this:
First of all, mark this as spam. Then come to my blog! You have to see this!
That was the comment I received from Devon. All for now.

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