Sunday, 11 October 2015

Hi all.
Been a month since I last did a post, but I'm blaming that on the holidays. My birthday was in the holidays too so now I'm 13 and my mum now supposedly has more reasons to tell me off. Also I got Skyrim back after 3 years. (I told my mum I was about to kill a queen for the dark brotherhood.) My dad got me a pocket knife with my initials engraved on one side along with 2015. And on the other side it has my Minecraft username "Redstone Rampage." My mum also found some of the miniature Minecraft lego that stopped selling almost straight after it was released. Dunno why either, it's really cool. And as tradition of my family birthdays, I got a t-shirt. AMAZING.
Okay, I liked the t-shirt this year. I would probably be wearing it now if I didn't have to wear a uniform. Mrs Hogg asked us through her blog what we could do to make our blogs more exiting. I said we could do a secret santa post, where we could all do an anonymous post to one of our classmates depending who we pull out of a hat. But more of a secret Halloween dog post or something. All for now!

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