Wednesday, 27 May 2015

Hi all. Found a super cute picture of baby blue tongue lizards. When I got Rye the lady there said that blue tongue males wouldn't get along with other lizards unless introduced while young. I got Rye when he was about 2 years of age. Most lizards live to about 20. he is about 4 now. Or will be in 4ish months. His birthday is about late September to early October. Mine is the 5th of October.

I'm entering in a science fair and for it I will be feeding different super foods to different groups of mealworms then comparing the mealworms to each other by testing there physical abilities. they still probably will be quite slow. My dad told me to find out if they could catch a brick. I looked on the internet and it did not say anything about a 3cm worm catching a brick. He also asked if I test how far they swim. Sorry dad, but they can’t swim. I have added a link to the list on the right side of the blog. Where it says more links. You may also see a new red button at the top of the gadget list. And don't forget the skeletons at the bottom! The links are the last gadget on the side of the blog. At school we are learning about WW1 and the NZ wars too. NZ has a treaty and it was signed by all the maori kings. Now we get to write poems about it. No, sorry. "Ballads." Bell just went for morning tea. All for now!

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