Sunday, 17 May 2015

Hi all.
Last week, (Yes, LAST week.) I had to write about animals. And I have finally managed to upload 2 pictures of my pet lizard Rye! He is a blue tongue lizard and is about 40cm long. He lives in my room and has a diet of mainly crickets, meal worms, and little red pellets which say they are good for him. (They're for bearded dragon lizards though.) Some lizards drop there tail in distress but Rye has had someone step on his tail before and he has defiantly still got it. Here are some pictures. (The second one got my flash in the reflection in the glass so it looks like he is eating light.)

Rye looking at me probably wondering what I am doing. (He has water under his chin.)
Rye eating light. :)
He sleeps in the box which is ironically behind him in both pictures. I painted it block and my little sister Sammie stuck the sticker on it. She sticks stickers everywhere. You probably can't see but the first picture has brown gravel and the other one has sandy gravel. The second one is the newer one. I named him Rye because when I got him my mum told me I should name him after a character from one of my books. So I picked Rye from the three doors trilogy by Emily Rodda. I just remembered that name off the top of my head so it must be a good book. :)

All for now! My computer is working at home so I'm finally using it. Usually I can't sign in. Now I get to do the rest of my homework. Also if anyone knows how to do a good smiley face on the keyboard let me know please because :) is boring.

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