Monday, 20 July 2015

Hi all.
It's been what, a month? Well either way the school holidays are over and I'm back to school. My science fair is going pretty good and my super secret blog post was deleted so I have to do that when I get some time. My science fair is still about the mealworms and their growth rate. I managed to increase one groups growth by 30 percent saving $7.40 NZD for a pack of 100 mealworms. They are about $24 NZD per 100 usually so thats like 25% off! (Random fact: Women buy 80% of everything on sale!) Also I would like to thank everyone who helped me reach 725 Billion pageviews! Spam that red button till it goes blue! And that won't happen because it's red so just spam it anyway! All for now!

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