Monday, 22 June 2015

Hi all.
Today we have a heap to do. Student led conference, science fair, and write a school memo. I want to know if my science fair intro is any good. My aim is to find out what superfood makes mealworms grow faster as they are around 26% protein. So 100 g of mealworms has more protein than 100g of beef, chicken, lamb, pork or fish! As you can see from my research below.

  • Beef:  18.4% protein
  • Lamb:  15.4% protein
  • Pork:  14.6% protein
  • Chicken:  22% protein
  • Fish:  18.3% protein
  • Mealworm:  26% protein
On the side of the blog there is a gadget with links. There is a mealworm care page. For my science fair I am using a different page but it will explain mealworms well enough. Did you know, Red scale insects are used as a natural food coloring in yogurt and smarties? I kid you not! Also 2/3 of the world suffered from protein deficiency in 1970. If we could breed mealworms faster in large amounts, it could help lots of people. Mealworms are usually a pes in kitchen cupboards and they breed fast and can eat through flour bags too! When they turn into a beetle they can lay around
250-1000 eggs in one go! The average is 400-500 eggs and they lay them in food usually, like flour.
All for now! Now go and eat some smarties! 

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